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  • 1.  DID Numbers updating comment field for a single DID

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 01-18-2022 21:40
    Is there a way to update a single DID number's Comment field?

    Feel like I'm missing something simple in the UI
    I've had a look at the documentation
    Manage DID and toll-free number ranges - Genesys Cloud Resource Center
    But can't find anything.
    For a new single DID, sure. But not editing a single DID. If I create a new DID that is the same as an existing one, will it have any impact, is this even possible?
    I did note the API /api/v2/telephony/providers/edges/dids/{didId} but note this is deprecated.
    I also noted the API /api/v2/telephony/providers/edges/didpools/{didPoolId} but this is for a pool of DID. Before tinkering with this, can I use this API and just set the start and end DID as the same DID? Again is there an impact or downtime when updating a DID this way?

    Or is this better asked in the Developer Forum?

    Anton Vroon

  • 2.  RE: DID Numbers updating comment field for a single DID

    Posted 01-18-2022 23:09
    HI Anton

    I have a feeling that the comments field on each DID is inherited from the DID range when you create/edit that.  I guess painfully you could have a 1:1 range:DID setup which is frankly (&#% but it would at least let you edit the range comment and have that flow through to the DID itself.

    I note the CLI also looks to be wanting to use that same deprecated dids endpoint if you tried to use that to update a single DID

    You won't be able to add a new range/single DID range that overlaps an existing range:

    {"message":"The DID Pool's phone numbers overlap with the phone numbers of one or more existing pools.","code":"general.conflict","status":409,"contextId":"ac38f3c8-6ea6-40c2-8f15-f36ecbb1cf5a","details":[{"errorCode":"DIDPOOL_RANGE_OVERLAPS_WITH_EXISTING_POOL","fieldName":"phoneNumber"}],"errors":[]}

    Interested to see what others reply with on this.  Might just be yet something else to add to the ideas portal :)

    Vaun McCarthy

  • 3.  RE: DID Numbers updating comment field for a single DID

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 01-19-2022 15:17
    Thanks Vaun

    Just would be nice to be able to have a comment for each DDI so I know what it is linked to, a specific 0800 etc. We have multiple 0800s -> DIDs feeding into a the same Call Route point so can't use that, just makes it hard to remember what every single DID is for when you need to do CalledOriginal address lookup. And sure we have an excel sheet that solve the problem, but would be nice not having to jump around different tools.

    Anton Vroon