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  • 1.  Returning calls bypass all Menu/IVR options and go straight to a queue.

    Posted 05-02-2022 23:56
    Edited by Glen Tylee 05-03-2022 00:00

    We have a scenario that might be a little specific to us, but figured I would write it in here and see if anyone might have an idea on this. 

    We have a team that completes outbound calls on behalf of a phone number that is shared with other teams. 
    This phone number is our advertised phone number for people to call us. 

    When that outbound team calls a customer, sometimes the customer doesn't answer and the call goes to the customers voicemail or the call disconnects etc. 
    Then the customer will call us back, but when they do that, they need to listen to the IVR Menu options, then talk to someone on our inbound team, then that person in the inbound team transfers the call to the outbound team to answer. 

    Is it possible, that when that outbound team calls the customer, and the call goes to a voicemail, that Genesys Cloud could recognize this, and then when the customer calls back, the call goes straight back to the outbound team. Bypassing the Menu/IVR and speaking to the inbound team member to be transferred to the outbound team. 

    Lets assume that the outbound team doesn't want their own phone number, and doesn't want a Menu/IVR option that directs calls to them. 

    On a side note to this, we use data tables to manage phone numbers, so if we have had an abusive caller, we enter the number in there and the call is disconnected with a message. I'm almost asking if there was a way for a phone number to be automatically entered into a data table when we reach a voicemail for that customer, and when that customer calls in, the call is transferred to the outbound team and the number is removed from the data table automatically. 

    Another thought could be if the customer called us, but the last interaction had the wrap up code 'voicemail', then the call would be redirected to the queue that the last interaction was made on. 

    Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. 


    Glen Tylee

  • 2.  RE: Returning calls bypass all Menu/IVR options and go straight to a queue.

    Posted 05-05-2022 13:54
    Hey Glen,

    Good news! Your question is going to be answered on the next Q&A Show by Patrick, one of our very own Above Average Joes! His response should be published early next week, but here is an intro of Patrick until then.



    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: Returning calls bypass all Menu/IVR options and go straight to a queue.

    Posted 05-07-2022 03:53

    Hello Glen,

    1st way of doing 

    you might be do this with creating the  workspace group  and assigning the toll-free number or create call flow with advertised number and assign the skill and put only outbound team members in the group. in this way you can get the customer call directly to your o/b team members.

    2nd way of doing 
    create a data action with help of agent availability status based calls are hit to the O/b group. we need to take help from developers tool to config data action. 

    vinayak Vagal
    SmartConnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  • 4.  RE: Returning calls bypass all Menu/IVR options and go straight to a queue.

    Posted 05-09-2022 10:08
    Hey Glen,

    Like I mentioned this episode was discussed on this Month's episode of the Q&A Show by Above Average Joe Patrick. You can check out your answer here.



    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

  • 5.  RE: Returning calls bypass all Menu/IVR options and go straight to a queue.

    Posted 05-10-2022 08:34
    Edited by Chris Martin 05-10-2022 08:35
    Interesting idea using the data table as repository but it seem rather small in scale.
    I have not tested the limit but the documentation states a 5000 row limit for data tables.
    We have a much larger volume need for our solution and rather than use the data table I decided to use a Contact List.

    My solution is very similar to the one mentioned here with the expectation of using the contact list to hold all the contacts we want to call today and all of the contacts we may want to redirect if they call back in.  

    I use a column in the contact list and a filter to check if I want the contact to be called.
    I'm also setting the unique identifier when I load the contacts to be the phonenumber.
    At that point we let the dialer do what the dialer does.

    On the inbound side if a caller comes in on one of my outbound ANIs from the dialer I use a common module to run a data action and check the callers ANI against the Contact List.  If it matches we redirect, if not, the common module lets the call pass through as if nothing happened and the user experience is maintained.

    I think this is very elegant way to handle this type of requirement with most of work done in the contact list loading outside of Genesys.
    What do you think?

    Chris Martin
    CCS Medical

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