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Inconsistent ways of responding to an interaction when using Omni-Channel

  • 1.  Inconsistent ways of responding to an interaction when using Omni-Channel

    Posted 04-01-2021 16:38
    I have a team that wants to use Chat, SMS, Email and Voice. This team uses Salesforce, with the widget for Salesforce.  The problem is, they can use the widget for voice interactions, but email interactions need to be opened in PureCloud.  This team wants a 'single pane of glass' basically a widget that is system agnostic - so that agents can respond to any interaction regardless of type.

    Has anyone ever had a request such as this from their customers?  If so, what did you do to resolve it.


    Brenda Wynne
    Alcon Vision LLC

  • 2.  RE: Inconsistent ways of responding to an interaction when using Omni-Channel

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    Posted 04-02-2021 01:40
    Edited by Vaun McCarthy 04-10-2021 03:58
    This is an ongoing struggle I've had in a few places.  My opinion after all of that is that the best case scenario would be for all interactions to come into Genesys Cloud.  In the case of chat, have the Genesys webchat widget serve the chat session and use the Genesys Salesforce Integration to send the chat transcript into the Activity record in Salesforce.  Last I checked the best the SF Omnichannel and Genesys Cloud can do together is sync statuses to stop interactions competing.  There's supposed to be some new stuff on the roadmap to improve that interoperability but I'm not sure what that will be.

    Then there's the topic of using stuff like email to case (and I assume there may be a web/chat to case type function as well) which means those interactions need to come into Salesforce initially.  The problem then becomes do you follow the articles from Genesys that recommend using process builder in SF to send a third party interaction (email) to Genesys Cloud - or do you create a queue in SF that has an email address which exists in Genesys Cloud. You can pass through the from and subject type fields from Salesforce across to Genesys so they at least show up in the interaciton list.

    For the process builder flow, all that an agent can do is "answer" that incoming interaction.  In the case of the queue notification, they get a standard email from SF notifying a case has been assigned, but although they can technically reply to that in Genesys, they need to be taught to NOT do that but instead go to the case within SF itself to read and respond to that original email.

    I'd be interested in knowing if anybody has gone the other way around and had email come into Genesys Cloud first, and then used an inbound email flow to create the case in SF and somehow copy across the email content and other metadata (sender, recipient, subject etc).  It seems like in this case they may give them the best of both worlds.

    It would be good if someone's aware of the roadmap items around improving SF Omnichannel and Genesys Cloud data sharing that can give us more insight on what this would actually do.

    @Richard Schott has discussed a couple of the things above briefly in a Community Q&A webcast.​​​

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited