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  • 1.  PureCloud integration to Netsuite CRM

    Posted 10-04-2018 09:16
    I am interested to hear if anyone has integrated #purecloud with Netsuite as a #CRMintegrations

    If you were able to integrate what functionality were you able to achieve, screen pop, data dip for Scripts, data push based on Scripts completed, Data Look up for IVR Routing? What client did you end up using and what benefits have you found it is providing your users? What challenges did you face?

    I really appreciate the feedback and insight,

    Frank Mirecki
    BrantTel Networks

  • 2.  RE: PureCloud integration to Netsuite CRM

    Posted 10-05-2018 10:19
    There are a couple of options available to you today that can achieve the majority of what you're looking for.

    For an embedded client experience with Screen Pops, the PureCloud for Chrome and PureCloud for Firefox provide some good options:

    For the remainder of your asks, the web service data actions integration ( to communicate with RESTlet APIs you add to your NETSuite instance:  These data actions can then be dropped into call flows to access NETSuite information for personalization of the IVR session, self service options, routing decisions, and more.  Data Actions can also be placed into agent scripts for displaying CRM information, or creating forms for agents to update CRM information as part of the interaction.

    We are also continually exploring opportunities with partners to offer more prepackaged CRM integration offerings to deliver tighter integrations through the AppFoundry (  I would recommend submitting a request to the ideas lab ( if there's a specific integration you'd like to see that isn't currently offered.

    Let me know if there's any more questions you have on this.

    Richard Schott
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: PureCloud integration to Netsuite CRM

    Posted 05-11-2021 09:02
    Hi Frank,

    Wondering if you had any success with this and what the overall integration and build out of the integration looked like?

    Greg Gardner