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Headset not working, connecting, picking up audio, or having issues

  • 1.  Headset not working, connecting, picking up audio, or having issues

    Posted 08-30-2023 11:22
    Edited by Matt Lawson 11-14-2023 15:00

    Hey everyone,

    In the community inbox, we have received a few questions about headsets, so I wanted to share the advice that I was given if you find your headset not connecting or having various issues. Here you go:

    Overall any USB or Bluetooth headset that is recognized by OS should work at least for basic functionality of ability to hear and speak 😊, but some particular headset features might be not supported (for example built-in control buttons for Disconnect or Hold).

    For example some people use a Logitech  USB headset that is not listed in our resource center articles but works perfectly with Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone. 

    We largely rely on manufactures to confirm compatibility with Genesys Cloud on their end because there are so many options. General recommendation is to verify with manufacturer and they typically have a page. <o:p></o:p>For example Jabra has this site that shows compatibility with all major telephony players:

     Here is their page of Genesys Cloud compatibility:

    As you can see Jabra Evolve 30 series headsets are listed as supported.

    And the last important thing that I would like to mention – it is always better to perform a real-life test first. Some companies take 1 or 2 headsets and test them with Genesys Cloud before making any purchasing decisions. 

    Also, you can always search for specific headsets in the knowledge network ( to see if we have any documentation or community posts on them.

    Hope that info helps! If you have found a headset that works for you, drop a line below to share some recommendations for anyone in the market.




    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

  • 2.  RE: Headset not working, connecting, picking up audio, or having issues

    Posted 11-28-2023 17:12
    Edited by Vern Fernandez 11-28-2023 17:13
      |   view attached

    Matt, thanks for responding to questions about Jabra headsets and including a link to our compatibility guide.  I am the alliance manager for Genesys here at Jabra.  I've included a document that I use for Genesys users and partners who are transitioning from desktop phones to various Genesys environments.  It's also important to know that certain headsets have telemetry and analytics that can be used for end-to-end, real-time, voice quality monitoring and other use cases.  You'll see this in my presentation.  Feel free to contact me to elaborate.  Also, there may be question around WebHID, compatibility, etc.  You can use me for that as well.

    Vern Fernandez
    Senior Manager, Contact Center Alliances
    Jabra (
    (978) 656-4419


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