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  • 1.  In-queue Skill change: Set Skills

    Posted 02-17-2022 16:06
    Interesting to note, unless I'm missing something, that if in an in-queue flow we leverage an ACD Skills change via the recently released Set Skills functionality:  The skill does change, however, any realtime view (Performance, Queue Activity) the skill change does not change visually, but does technically.  AND, in historical interaction details about that interaction, no where in details tab or timeline or anywhere there is there a visual indication that the ACD Skill has changed.  Why?  Seems to me, this could be bit of an operational issue for a supervisor.

    We can find a column in Performance/Interactions for Active Skill, but again, this is historical, not realtime and its the ONLY place we have noted thus far of the fact we forced a skill change based on business rules.  Sure, can set an external tag and report that way, but again, this is historical, not realtime.

    I'd like to understand why before we plop this into production.

    Anyone seen similar behavior?

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you,

    Dan DeSive
    Acendas Travel

  • 2.  RE: In-queue Skill change: Set Skills

    Posted 02-18-2022 00:07
    We have also found that this attribute display is very stateful in the sense that is does not seem to change unto the state of the conversation changes.   I find this to be the same in PureConnect.   I created an idea for this, but also good to report it to support:

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect

  • 3.  RE: In-queue Skill change: Set Skills

    Posted 02-18-2022 09:16
    I played around with this feature but unfortunately, the skill won't be updated in real time under Performance/Queue Activity....

    We are using this feature in our Call Flows, but it would be good if we can at least track the changes in real time to staff more agents in the overflow queues for example..

    Charaf Eddine Chemlal
    NTT France SASU

  • 4.  RE: In-queue Skill change: Set Skills

    Posted 02-22-2022 14:11
    All - I understand the ask here and will do some research to see what is feasible on the Genesys Cloud side.  I believe we are currently limited with how we process data updates in analytics (the conversation itself will certainly be updated) but I recognize seeing this in the performance views would be helpful.

    Chris Bohlin
    Product Manager - PureCloud

  • 5.  RE: In-queue Skill change: Set Skills

    Posted 05-09-2022 07:34
    Edited by Shruti Pathak 05-09-2022 07:34

    Hi Chris,


    I do not see even interaction details updating the skills used in the queues like it does in Transfer to ACD action skills.

    Do you have any update on when can we have proper reporting for set skills and priority action?

    Shruti Pathak
    Accenture Solutions Private Limited