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  • 1.  Pitch Competition [OneView for Salesforce - Finance Industry]

    Posted 10-14-2021 18:07
    Edited by Marie Tiamsic 10-25-2021 09:32

    OneView by Avtex provides contact center agents with a unified view of Genesys Cloud interactions within Salesforce, fueling exceptional customer experiences consistently with speed and quality.

    Unlike traditional softphones that require agents to use a separate window beside Salesforce, OneView is designed with a truly streamlined interface that saves agents time through faster application navigation. And by combining OneView with Salesforce workflows, routine actions can be automated which saves time by reducing keystrokes. 

    OneView helps increase interaction quality by enabling agents to focus on customers and by providing process guidance. And it can help business teams improve operational performance by giving them access to more data for decision making. It also reduces the time needed to on-board agents.  

    Finance Industry Applications

    OneView is ideal for more complex interactions such as those that are common in the finance industry.

    1. Caller Authentication: OneView can streamline the process of authentication and fraud prevention by working within a Salesforce security process. For example, when the agent greets the caller, Salesforce workflow can present questions for the agent to ask the caller, along with the correct answers, all within the same Salesforce view. The agent can indicate if an answer was correct on the Salesforce screen. If the caller provides too many incorrect answers, the Salesforce application can automatically flag the account as being subject to a potential fraud event and not allow any other information to be provided to the agent.    
    2. Loan Applications: OneView can shorten and improve the accuracy of a loan application process. First, it can automatically fill in a loan application that is designed in Salesforce using the data that the caller entered in an IVR or bot application. Then in conjunction with Salesforce workflow, it can guide the agent through the loan application steps, presenting suggestions and options along the way. Finally, it can automatically submit the application and complete the call wrap up information.
    1. Loan Collections: OneView can save time in the loan collection process by providing a script within the Salesforce view for both inbound and outbound calls.   
    1. Upsell/Cross Sell: OneView can help increase sales by using Salesforce workflow and Einstein to make recommendations and automatically order products. For example, if a customer has not purchased a product from the company, Salesforce can make a product recommendation for that product to the agent. If the customer wants to go ahead with a purchase, it can automatically place an order for the product and update the customer's record.
    1. Financial Advice: OneView can help improve how financial planners provide financial advice. During a chat session, in conjunction with Salesforce workflow, a planner can be provided with suggested questions to ask the customer and articles and websites that can be shared with the customer. At the end of the session, OneView can automatically complete notes about the interaction.

    Typically, OneView has a payback period that is less than 1 month because it saves at least 45 seconds of a 5-minute call.

    Jarrod Brooks
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Pitch Competition [OneView for Salesforce - Finance Industry]

    Posted 10-14-2021 18:27
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    Please see our handout for screen shots and more information on OneView for Salesforce.

    Jarrod Brooks
    Avtex Solutions, LLC


    OneView Overview Handout.pdf   629 KB 1 version

  • 3.  RE: Pitch Competition [OneView for Salesforce - Finance Industry]

    Posted 10-15-2021 16:52
    Agents working in a single pane of glass ... that's a time saver!

    Denise Dunn
    Avtex Solutions International Inc.

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