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  • 1.  Which App?

    Posted 09-06-2021 10:01
    Hey community members, I wonder which apps would you like to talk about? Which partners would you like to connect?

    I'd go first, I am interested to hear from @Rick McGlinchey​ of PureInsights. :)

    Katrina Sampher
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: Which App?

    Posted 09-09-2021 10:43
    Hi Katrina and the Community -

    Many thanks for this and it is always nice to hear from you :)

    PureInsights helps customers level-up their historic reporting for Genesys Cloud CX with PureInsights Historic. And we've been doing this since 2016 with hundreds of Genesys Cloud CX customers globally supporting all Genesys Cloud CX regions.

    We simplify reporting for many data hungry contact centers, especially in these verticals:
    • BPOs solve client billing reports
    • Financial Services to report based on dialer calls by loan/opportunity/account number, your Agent Scripts data, and more
    • Retail to report by Brand regardless of Queue, track customer CX by order number across your digital channels, and more

    We specialize in 3 key areas for your Genesys Cloud CX historic data:
    • The detail CX / contact center data so you know all the detail for each conversation, each queue, agent, wrap up code, external transfer number and all associated durations regardless of how many transfers were involved and across all channels. We know what happened for each leg of each conversation, plus the other detail data like Evaluations, WFM, IVR reporting and more!
    • Your custom KVPs (participant) data from GC CX such as a customer number, account number, case number, patient ID, etc.
    • Report the way you want: connect directly to the data with your own data and BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI and others and you also get access to our easy drag and drop reporting tool.

    And we can help automate the easy stuff. If you are spending a lot of time exporting data to manipulate in Excel, we can help you save hundreds to thousands of hours per year, reduce errors and focus on higher value work!

    Here's 3 easy ways to learn more when you are ready:
    1. Post a reply here
    2. Send me a DM on the community
    3. Click "Contact Us" from our PureInsights Historic page in the Genesys AppFoundry.

    Feel free to reach out with questions and have an awesome day! I'll throw the next one to my friend @Todd Kuipers at Be My Eyes.

    ​​Have an awesome day!

    best regards, Rick

    Rick McGlinchey
    Co-Founder, PureInsights

  • 3.  RE: Which App?

    Posted 09-09-2021 10:47
    Sounds very appropriate for the ever changing Contact Center.  Good stuff Rick


    Kevin Bryan
    Digital Base Productions

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