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  • 1.  Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-20-2021 21:14
    Edited by Katrina Joyce Sampher 12-20-2021 21:16
    Hello everyone! On behalf of AppFoundry Community, we want to take a moment to welcome our newest community members to our group:

    @Martin Danko, @Jean-Christophe Pondi @Mostafa Oudderhem @James Ray @Paolo Manzotti @Chandra Sharma @Jeanne Leeds @Benyamin Ioffe @Mark Muhona @Riccardo Mirto @Vinod Natakala Madhavan @Jefferson Saraiva @Laura Cross @Prashant Patel @ALLAN FOSCALDI @Leigh Ashall @Amanda Davis @Brian Olson

    Here in the AppFoundry Community, you can:
    • Discuss tips with app experts
    • Connect with fellow AppFoundry app users
    • Learn from exclusive updates on popular topics
    We want to learn more about you, what brings you to the AppFoundry Community?

    Let us know how we can assist!

    Feel free to share a short snippet of who you are, where you're located, and what you're looking forward to most as a new Community Member.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    We're here to help you make the most of your Community Experience.

    Katrina Sampher

  • 2.  RE: Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-21-2021 12:21
    I started with a new company ConvergeOne and I am currently working on my Genesys Certified Professional certification.  My manager encouraged me to explore the Genesys website and join AppFoundry app users group. I am :)  -Laura Cross

    Laura Cross
    ConvergeOne, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-21-2021 12:52
    Welcome Laura!!!!!!

    Its a great crew here


    Kevin Bryan
    Digital Base Productions

  • 4.  RE: Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-21-2021 12:59

    Thanks Kevin, glad to be apart of the group!



    O 317.876.6552  
    Pacific Time Zone



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  • 5.  RE: Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-21-2021 18:17
    Welcome Laura and Happy Holidays to all!

    best regards,

    Rick McGlinchey
    Co-Founder, PureInsights

  • 6.  RE: Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-22-2021 01:27
    Hello everyone !

    Many thanks @Katrina Joyce Sampher
    As IT Product Owner, i am curious about all solutions existing in AppFoundry. 

    Jean-Christophe PONDI

  • 7.  RE: Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-22-2021 04:49

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Vinod, Engineering Manager - WEM, Genesys Cloud. I have been working with Genesys, Chennai for more than 15 years and currently exploring various technologies with which we can enhance our product.  So I am curious to understand how can we deploy/market the innovation. 

    I am also encouraging couple of start-ups to use their technology to provide add on capabilities to Genesys Product suite by using AppFoundry.  
    As I am new to AppFoundry, I might need your help in evaluating these new ideas/solutions and also with the deployment/installation of these solution in AppFoundry. 


    Vinod N.M.
    Engineering Manager,
    WEM - Genesys Cloud.

    Vinod Natakala Madhavan
    Genesys - Employees

  • 8.  RE: Hello New Members!

    Posted 12-22-2021 11:10
    Lots of great partners here....At Digital Base we offer VIA the Appfoundry arena conversational voice overs for all applications in tons of multiple languages and can help translate as well...

    Kevin Bryan
    Digital Base Productions

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