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Pitch Competition - Eccentex AppBase Emergency Response & Incident Management (ERIM)

  • 1.  Pitch Competition - Eccentex AppBase Emergency Response & Incident Management (ERIM)

    Posted 10-14-2021 15:18

    ECCENTEX AppFoundry Pitch


    GOVERNMENT / Emergency Response & Incident Management


    Eccentex AppBase Emergency Response & Incident Management (ERIM) [Link]
    A unified solution to coordinate single-agency or multi-agency 911 & 112 incidents


    Outdated technology makes it difficult for call takers, dispatchers, and responders to efficiently handle large volumes of police, fire and medical incidents. Agents waste time switching between siloed applications, manually coordinating between teams and waiting for information on developing situations. IT departments struggle to maintain these legacy systems and often have no clear path to adapt or scale to evolving needs. Ultimately, citizens suffer most with long response times.


    Eccentex AppBase ERIM is a unified solution for call taking, dispatching, field operations and case management. ERIM provides superior incident coordination capabilities that scale and adapt to your needs. Streamline every step of incident response, keep citizens informed and support a modern way of working.

    • Supports modern channels: Go beyond just phone calls by allowing citizens to engage with you via SMS, chat apps and social media messengers. Further streamline with AI-driven IVR, chatbots and video analysis.
    • Fast deployment & cost effective: Get up and running quickly with an end-to-end solution from a single vendor that fits into your environment. Our experienced Professional Services team helps you every step of the way – from POC to production.
    • Future-proof technology: AppBase ERIM is built on a configurable, low-code platform with tools that ensure you are able to expand the solution, adapt to changes, connect with other agencies and integrate with your core systems.

    Intake Handling

    • Deploy into your PSAP/call center: Integrates with Genesys Cloud CX, Engage and PureConnect.
    • Quickly locate callers: Get geo-verified address for both landlines and mobile callers. Supports Advanced Mobile Location (AML). Integrates with leading GIS providers. Automatically saves caller location history.
    • Notify people in the area: Broadcast alerts to the community and nearby volunteers using SMS, chat apps and social media.

    Computed Aided Dispatch (CAD)

    • Dispatch in seconds: Shows real-time map of the incident, available nearby responders and hospitals. Suggests best response options based on configurable criteria such as incident type, distance and equipment on-board.
    • Maintain situational awareness: Consolidates all information about an incident onto a single screen. Supports Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Alerts dispatchers of approaching SLAs, slow vehicle movements or related incidents nearby.

    Mobile & Field Operations

    Increase responder's efficiency in the field with unparalleled access to real-time information -in the palms of their hands.

    • Stay connected to responders: Intuitive and secure apps for Android tablets and smartphones. Supports offline work when internet connection is lost and synchronizes data when it's restored.
    • Streamline field reporting: Guides responders through incident-specific e-forms that are shared with other agencies.
    • Track everything in the field: Real-time geolocation mapping of vehicles, equipment and personnel.

    Records & Case Management

    Efficiently complete post-incident assignments with configurable workflows, data collection, business rules and reporting.

    • Collaborate on investigations: Share incident reports, narratives and notes with other agencies, disciplines and jurisdictions. Ensures data integrity, security and auditing of information.
    • Manage evidence: Collect and distributes digital evidence such as videos, patient/incident reports and communications.
    • Resolve cases faster: Create, process and analyze post-incident cases, investigations and quality reviews.

    Maksim Gill
    VP Product
    Eccentex, Inc.

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