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Pitch Competition | Shelf: The Future of Contact Center Knowledge

  • 1.  Pitch Competition | Shelf: The Future of Contact Center Knowledge

    Posted 10-15-2021 16:31

    The pandemic has left most consumers with a sense of social isolation, and little patience. For agents on the front lines – it's important to arm them with the knowledge they need in order to empathically relate and resolve. 

    It's not just about being fast and efficient anymore. The quality of the conversation between agent and customer determines how they view their experience. Speed and satisfaction must go hand in hand if retail brands expect to impress their customers. Yet in the era of "AI everything", there's still friction between people and answers. On top of all this, support volumes and complex support queries continue to increase.

    The underlying problem? A lack of planning and infrastructure to capture and utilize organizational knowledge. Legacy technologies are limited in the content they support, making information decentralized across multiple systems. Organizational knowledge must be streamlined so it can be readily accessible to your agents and customers wherever they need it.

    AI automates answers and administrative burdens

    Shelf is redefining the future of contact centers with answer automation for Genesys Cloud CX, reliably and quickly connecting people with the information they need. Our highly-awarded, innovative knowledge automation platform revolutionizes access to answers by transforming how organizations curate and distribute company knowledge. With Shelf, everyone knows more, and can do more.

    Built with our proprietary MerlinAITM, Shelf surfaces on-demand, contextualized answers to employees, prospects, and customers, directly to the channels they frequent both in- and outside Genesys. Reliability is guaranteed with full visibility into how knowledge is used, and whether it is (or is not) achieving resolutions. This allows administrators to optimize incorrect or outdated content that would otherwise slow teams down.


    Since manual analysis is time-consuming, MerlinAI optimizes administrator effort by eliminating the guesswork needed to make improvements. First, Shelf's intelligence understands which answers are most popular, and prioritizes that information to drive resolution. Second, Shelf surfaces insights and recommendations for updating content, then automatically executes improvements. This streamlined, AI-driven approach to managing and optimizing knowledge alleviates administration overhead and ensures content improvement over time.

    Accelerate onboarding and training

    When turnover labor shortages are at an all-time high across all industries, proper employee onboarding becomes absolutely essential. The first few days and weeks on the job can be challenging for agents being introduced to new, complex processes and information. Onboarding is more than just learning how to use a new system; it's about understanding best practices for customer interactions, understanding support workflows, learning your organization's policy, and taking the time to review products and services. 

    Shelf expedites onboarding with automation within the agent interface and workflows. Tapping into the power of collective knowledge from seasoned experts, AI automates answers as new agents get up to speed, and a platform built with Enterprise Search makes the entirety of organizational knowledge discoverable, down to exact keyword locations. This level of transformational knowledge management enables new and onboarding agents to discover critical company knowledge on their own.

    Knowledge as an infrastructure

    Shelf's open and extensible infrastructure provides pre-built integrations, SDKs, and APIs that integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications. Establishing an infrastructure of knowledge needed to improve the customer experience, boost employee productivity and tackle the challenges contact centers face head on. 

    Steve West
    Gemshelf Inc

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