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Pitch Competition [PRILINK Ec2Traffic – Contact Center Network Analytics & Troubleshooting - Financial]

  • 1.  Pitch Competition [PRILINK Ec2Traffic – Contact Center Network Analytics & Troubleshooting - Financial]

    Posted 10-14-2021 20:57

    Your call center runs on top of network, but is your network running you? Are you endlessly chasing ISP and IT for call quality and connection issues, but often problems remain unresolved weeks after, due to insufficient network analytics!  Regain control of your contact center network with Ec2Traffic. 

    PRILINK Ec2Traffic is an easy network analytic tool for Contact Centers handling high call volume and Internet traffic for financial institutions. Using network traffic mirroring, Ec2Traffic provides reliable network traffic analytics for monitoring the digital journeys of customers and remote agents. 

    Our analytics include the SIP and IP traffic of all network endpoints from customers and remote agents, measure audio and video quality in terms of RTP or SRTP packet loss, and quickly differentiate network from Contact Center issues. Analytics are stored locally in your own computer or server using a self-installed Window application. You can also use our AI driven Network Dashboard to gain insights to Contact Center traffic trends and anomalies over the past 14 days at a glance.

    Ec2Traffic is simple to setup, affordable and non-intrusive to application servers. Within a short time, you can bring network security, performance and troubleshooting back under your control. You are on top of your network.

    Learn more about Ec2Traffic, please visit here and AppFoundry

    Joseph Cheng
    Prilink Ltd

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