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Querying User Status from Siebel Script

  • 1.  Querying User Status from Siebel Script

    Posted 02-03-2009 08:45
    Hi, I would like to Query the status of the user through Siebel (script or other). Actually I've proceed by scripting. var ININConnexion = COMCreateObject("EICConnection.EICConnection"); ININConnexion.Connect("SiebelConnexion", "voiphvshk01", "***", "****", "1081", false); The connection is established successfully. Then I would like to retrieve the user and their status. I've tried to achieve that through the "EICWorkgroup","EICDirectory" but unsuccessfully. Could someone help me out by providing a piece of code or a different way to achieve this functionnality through Siebel. I'm working on Siebel Financial 7.7 Thanks David.

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