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  • 1.  ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 01-28-2009 21:33
    I am looking for a solution where I can find ASA for each and every call. Right now the ASA is captured for every interval. Is there any table which I can use where the ASA is captured for every call. We can write custom handlers to log the values to attributes in the calldetail table but then how do we handle the ASA for calls which are transferred from one workgroup to another. Any suggestion will be really helpful.

  • 2.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 01-29-2009 13:34
    You could create another table and insert a record with each call's stats as it is answered. The handler is ACDProcessEventCall. You could also insert a record into this table for abandon stats in the CustomCallDisconnect handler. You would need to set a Custom DateTime Call Attribute in the ACDAvailableInteraction handler that tracks the start ACD time, then look for that Custom Call Attribute on the disconnect & if it is not empty, insert the disconnect record. Be sure to clear the Custom DateTime Call Attribute after you insert the ASA record. Since there is only one record for each call in the CallDetail table, the best you could do in that table is ASA for the call. For this solution you could create a CustomCallAttribute that is a delimited field that contains the speed to answer for each time the call goes into an ACD group. In the CustomCallDisconnect handler, you could retrieve the CustomCallAttribute, parse it, then do the ASA calculation. Mary Rose

  • 3.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 02-04-2009 17:31
    The data you are looking for is probably in Tracker, since it tracks every call segment-by-segment. I'm not sure there is a report which would list the data - you'd probably have to look it up through the Tracker interface. Just guessing on that, though, as I don't currently have access to a server to check.

  • 4.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 02-27-2009 21:14
    I need asa on each call also. Did you ever get this?

  • 5.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 03-02-2009 15:19
    I confess, I am a little confused when y'all say "ASA on each call." ASA is by definition an average. If you only have one call, how can you get an average? :) Anyway, I still think the data you are looking for (how long the call spent in queue waiting to be answered?) is found in Tracker. Try the Tracker Interaction Segment Detail reports to see if the data you want is in there. You will need to play with the input parameters to get just the view of the info you want - look at the Report Parameters help in Supervisor for a listing of all the Tracker Report Parameters. For example, I set the Direction to 1 so I just see inbound calls.

  • 6.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 03-03-2009 13:50
    Point taken George. You are correct, I want to see how long each call waited before answer. I want to break down the ASA. Dont you have to license Tracker to run the reports? I am not getting any data when I run them.

  • 7.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 06-16-2009 16:53
    We are creating a custom table and collecting all the data for each ACD call. The main attributes we used are given below: ACDStartTime -> Eic_WorkgroupQueueTimestamp ACDAnsweredTime -> Eic_StateTimeStamp ACDDisconnectedTime -> System time at "Disconnect" But still the data did not match the out of box report. If the agents called/transferred a call to a workgroup, picked up calls when their status was "Available NO ACD" etc then the data was different then out of box report. If you need more infromation please let me know and I can send you the details.

  • 8.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 04-26-2023 15:34

    I think there may be two threads on this subject, but you are correct everyone is saying ASA, but I believe they are looking for the Alert Time - so how long does it ring to the agent before the agent responds.  This is for people who are not set up with Auto Answer.   
    You can get to this data, by assessing the Agent's Performance, they filtering to add Max Alert as a column and you will get the information you are looking for.  I removed my agents name from this screenshot, but the Agents names would appear on the left.

    Judy Jimenez, Call Center Operations Manager
    CURE Auto Insurance

  • 9.  RE: ASA (Average Speed of Answer) per call

    Posted 05-01-2023 18:44

    @Judith Jimenez it looks from your screenshot that you are referencing the Genesys Cloud CX product. This (rather old) thread is on the PureConnect forum, and my guess is that it has shown up in a search?
    Just figured you would want to know 😉

    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

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