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Valid workflow table names

  • 1.  Valid workflow table names

    Posted 09-28-2009 18:26
    Hi, folks. Messing around to customize some dialer reports and finding some doubts. I still don't understand how report subsystem links a dialer report for a specific workflow to the related dialer table set. I took a look to one of the predefinded reports (PREDICTIVE_FINISHCODE_SUMMARY). In the table/parameters tab, a table definition is included, called CallHistory. If I edit the table definition, i can see the table name is set to CallHistory, table type to "Workflow table" and the campaing identifier ID set to blank. I'm guessing the table name parameter is what tell reporting system which table from the dialer table set for a workflow should be used, because i cannot see another data that can build this relation. Reading the help doc, it says that table name is an arbitray label, so it doesn't make a lot of sense. In another one (PREDICTIVE_AGENT_UTILIZATION), the table name is set to AgentStats. Supposing that the table name it's what tell Dialer which exact table should it used to create the report, which are the valid names for each one of the dialer table set for a workflow??? If not, how the reporting system knows about the table the report is based on??

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