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  • 1.  Most Effective Outbound Metrics

    Posted 06-29-2010 19:39
    Can someone elaborate as to best practices in regards to outbound call center metrics? In our line of business, we use Transfer numbers, Transfer $, Calls/Hour, and Unavailable % as our primary ratios. Does anyone use any other metrics that they have found effective? thanks!

  • 2.  RE: Most Effective Outbound Metrics

    Posted 07-20-2010 22:26
    We recently are trying out * Potential CPH-Does not include idle time * Success/Hour Then you may use some metrics specific to your industry/campaigns such as $/hour or errors/call (from QA). We are developing another metric to capture the long-term effect of the call on retention campaigns. For example, if the agent waives the customer's account, this is counted as a success, but the customer may become delinquency again. The new metric counts actual revenue/expected revenue, and it's prorated over time.

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