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Looking for a simple client button handler

  • 1.  Looking for a simple client button handler

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    Posted 01-07-2011 02:28
    I have been exploring Interaction Web Client and the only issue that keeps me from using it is that one must acknowledge the incoming event before a Remote Number session will ring through, if not a persistent connection. I am connecting via View desktop without audio. I use this client when I work at home, and have it ring through to my cell. In this manner I can place calls to customers from the Client and my cell # is masked by my user/station ANI. But for incoming calls, I need to keep the browser window on top in order to see and accept the incoming call. If I was on a dedicated landline or IP phone, I'd make it a persistent connection, but on a cell connection that is just not practical. My thought was to create a custom client button that can toggle "Auto Answer non ACD" on and off. The problem is that this key is stored in the registry in the user's own folder. Is it possible to script this through a handler or application in a way that will not impose risk to the system? And, if it is possible, can buttons be added to the web client like they can with the .NET client? Thanks in advance!

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