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  • 1.  Changing user state

    Posted 02-01-2011 07:44
    Hi We have a custom scripter client, based on the basic dialing sample application. The scripter starts a dialer workflow, which in turn places a call to the first entry in the call list. When I disposition the call from the scripter client, the dialer places a call to the next entry in the call list. So far, so good. Our customer wants to be able to work from their CRM system gui, without having to disposition the call from our custom scripter client. The CRM system is sending us the disposition code so that we can do the disposition in handlers. We have tried disposition the call in handlers with DialerCallCompleted, with no luck. The dialer places a call to the first entry in the call list, but doesn’t continue to call the remaining entries in the call list. It stops after the first call. We have contacted support regarding this issue, and were told to update the user state when the first call is disconnected. Here is the response from support: "I have spoken to one of our Handler engineers and there is a difference between the User Status that you see in the Client and the User State that Dialer sees. You will need to use Icelib to set the user state, so that Dialer can place a new Call for the agent." Does anyone know how to change this user state? I appreciate any comments.

  • 2.  RE: Changing user state

    Posted 02-15-2011 19:41
    For the benefit of other users: The solution for this issues was to do the entire dispositioning with icelib instead of handlers. We created a connection between handlers and icelib, and sent all needed parameters to disposition the call with icelib.

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