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  • 1.  Scripter with CIC Switchover.

    Posted 06-15-2011 22:54
    We have a switchover pair and is working just fine. But here is the issues im tackling. CIC1 and CIC2 are the CIC switchover pair We have CCS1 for the outbound dialer server OK so here is the scenario CIC1 is the active server we place an outbound test call to the remote test agent. the test agent is logged in to scripter. The agent enters the fake data in the scripter page. The test agent then stops before depositing the call. We then do a manual switchover to CIC2 The call stays connected, the i3 client switchover over to the active notifier on CIC2 just fine. Here is the issue im hoping someone has figured out. The scripter page with all the data refreshes, and all the data is gone. But scripter is ready for a new call. SO is there a way to keep the data and disposition the call without losing the data after a switchover happens??

  • 2.  RE: Scripter with CIC Switchover.

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    Posted 06-22-2011 13:52
    There’s no way to salvage the data & disposition. In fact there should be even more of a disruption in Scripter than described – when Scripter loses its connection to SessionManager it should actually close down. That’s a hold-over from the old Win32 behavior and something we should probably improve upon. Even if we kept Scripter open and somehow kept the script open though, the Dialer process on CIC2 has no knowledge of the agent or of the contact they’re connected to. In 4.0 we’re adding record binding and one of the proposed uses of it is to improve our behavior in this scenario, because it allows us a way to have Dialer pick up on that outstanding contact and load it into cache on the fly, so it could then accept a disposition for it. Of course the other part of the puzzle is getting Scripter to stay open and preserve the script and its data, which would present a few challenges.

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