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  • 1.  help ,Callid and callidkey

    Posted 08-02-2011 03:56
    i am now using Clientcom API,i want to know is there any connection between Callid and Callidkey.there is 18 bits in the Calldetail ,only the former 10 bits belongs to Callid,but returned by Callobject.id is also in 10 bits,Callidkey is corresponding to Calldetail in the Recordingdate ,i want to get the data in Recordingdate via Callid. Thanks and reply as soon as possible please .

  • 2.  RE: help ,Callid and callidkey

    Posted 08-09-2011 17:18
    CallID is usually a unique value with the site id included in it. The callidkey is the the callid concatenated with a date value. callid 11014567 callid 1101456720110809 In our case our date value portion sometimes has a character like 11014567A0110809

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