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Configuring soap listener for switchover/backup

  • 1.  Configuring soap listener for switchover/backup

    Posted 12-07-2011 10:05
    Hi, I have installed soaplistener, used to implement blackberry presence. Soap listener is pointing to my primary server, cic1. And it works like a charm. I need to configure the soap listener so that it redirects to cic2, when cic1 is down. How can I do that? I see from documentation that you can add several server entries in the I3SOAPISAPIConfig.xml file. But I have not got it quite right, as my soaplistener picks the first server entry item in the list.
    <FilterConfig xmlns="urn:schemas-inin-com:soapisapi-filter-config"> <ICServers> <ICServer name="default_server" host="cic01" userName="mari" password="mari"/> <ICServer name="backup_server" host="cic02" userName="mari" password="mari"/> </ICServers> <Defaults> <ForwardRequest server="default_server" clientName="I3SOAPISAPI" includeTransportInfo="1"/> <ForwardRequest server="backup_server" clientName="I3SOAPISAPI" includeTransportInfo="1"/> <HTTPResponse statusCode="500" statusText="Internal Server Error" soapFaultcode="Client.SOAPAction" soapFaultstring="The specified method is not supported!"/> </Defaults> <Rules> <Rule soapAction="http://I3WebAction/I3SetMobileStatus"> <ForwardRequest server="default_server" soapAction="I3SetMobileStatus" includeTransportInfo="1" clientName="I3WebAction_I3SetMobileStatus"/> <ForwardRequest server="backup_server" soapAction="I3SetMobileStatus" includeTransportInfo="1" clientName="I3WebAction_I3SetMobileStatus"/> </Rule> <Rule> <ForwardRequest/> </Rule> <Rule> <HTTPResponse/> </Rule> </Rules> </FilterConfig>
    Has anyone done this before? I appreciate any comments. Regards Mari

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