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  • 1.  Callback Automation ??

    Posted 01-18-2012 19:35
    Hi, We're using ININ to handle calls only at this time. no emails, no chats, etc. On our ACD queues, we have a callback offer, if the call is not answered in 90 sec.s. Once the caller requests a callback, the callback interaction remains in the queue as if it was a regular call. Now, when the agents open the callback item, they have to click an extra button to dial out, and then once they're done, and they disconnected that call, they have to take an extra action and disconnect that callback "event". This presents some issues. If an agent forgets to disconnect that second 'event' the agent appears as though he's still on the call, and is not recieving any more calls. Is there a way to automate (customization??) this process, so that the agent's experience with callbacks is same, or as close to the regular inbound calls as possible? so that if the agent hangs up on that callback, the second 'event' is disconnected on it's own? Dmitry

  • 2.  RE: Callback Automation ??

    Posted 01-19-2012 00:16
    In my opinion, best practice is to allow an agent to handle a regular call and, at the same time, receive a callback notification dialog. You can control this by administering suitable occupation parameters in the ACD tab in workgroup or agent sheet. If that's not a acceptable solution for your operations people, think about writing a handler that gets executed at regular intervals (said 30 seconds, for example), seek user queues for callbacks notifications already delivered and accepted by agents (i.e in a connected state), check its duration and automatically disconnect them if they exceeds certain time treshold. Another option is to automatically disconnect the callback item should the agent tries a certain number of outbound call intents for the callback item. Certainly, there are more than one way to do this. If you don't have the required skills/knowledge to do it, I suggest you to check with your VAR to get it done.

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