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  • 1.  Status Notes?

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    Posted 03-15-2012 21:05
    So, I have created a sql query that allows me to view user, status, fname, lname querying I3_IC. (AgentActivityLog, and Individual table). I can find nearly everything about a user, except for Status Notes (Notes about the reason for their specific status of forward, out of office, away, etc). At our organization we use the 'status notes' field for multiple purposes such as stating the best reasons to call that person. Such as what loan products they support. I have searched every single table, view, etc...and even the local registry of the machine and I cannot for the life of me find this data to get into a report. Any thoughts or direction on where "Status Notes" is stored?

  • 2.  RE: Status Notes?

    Posted 10-08-2014 20:13
    Did you ever get your answer on this question? I'm in the same boat looking for a way to report on the status notes as some agents want to use it to track their time on various projects. My assumption is this information is only stored in the logs, but thought I'd see if you found anything elsewhere. Thanks !

  • 3.  RE: Status Notes?

    Posted 10-09-2014 18:03
    The Status notes are stored in the Registry of the IC server For version 4.0 is is located here... HKey_Local_Machine\Software\wow6432Node\Interactive Intelligence\EIC\Directory Services\Root\<Company Name>\Production\Users\<User>\%Live~!~Data%\Extra Status Data It will show the users status and double pipe then the notes. Not sure how much good this would do since the statuses are cumulative and appear to be in alphabetical order.

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