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  • 1.  How does the Siebel Load the inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll

    Posted 10-28-2013 15:58
    Hi, I was doing the siebel integration with I3 and installed and configured the siebel following all the steps provided on the installation document but could nt succed. I could not see the toolbar loaded but could see there is a hidden space on the Ui as attached screenshot. Also i have following question related to I3 dll. How does siebel know the path where inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll is residing on the server. Do we need to provide the complete path of this file under the siebel configuration tab or just the file name (inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll). Thanks, Mahesh

  • 2.  RE: How does the Siebel Load the inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous
    Posted 10-30-2013 01:58
    I highly suggest opening a support case with Interactive Intelligence Support. Regarding your questions: 1) The screen shot shows an error where it is attempting to load the toolbar. Typically the first time on any machine it will prompt you to trust the Java solution from Oracle. Are you seeing these prompts? Have you confirmed you have the correct versions of Java installed for Siebel's Java CTI toolbar? 2) When the ININ Siebel integration is installed, the installation directory is added to the system PATH variable. This ensures that Siebel is able to find the dll without a specific path. In fact, Siebel is capable of handling a full path to the driver dll so it must be available through the PATH variable.

  • 3.  RE: How does the Siebel Load the inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll

    Posted 10-30-2013 16:31
    Hi Michael, Thanks for the response.When we tried login for the first time we didn't see any popup asking for the anything related to Java solution from Oracle. But i could see the following menu components under the communication menu as in the attached file (Communication.PNG). I believe I3 does work with SIEBEL SIA(8.1.10). Please advice as i followed all the steps given under the installation documents and still the same issue. Opening a ticket with I3 involves creating SOW and all other-stuff. But i am wondering why the documentation doesn't cover these kinds of troubleshooting components. Thanks, Mahesh

  • 4.  RE: How does the Siebel Load the inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous
    Posted 10-31-2013 11:15
    The new screen shot does indicate that the ININ Siebel is in fact being loaded. Under the menu->Login, if you see an enabled option, it is loading the integration. You should also see ininlog logs being generated on the SIebel server. If that is all happening, my guess is some sort of issue with Java loading the toolbar. I suggest trying another machine and ensure the Siebel supported Java versions are installed. Additionally given the version they are running, they can use SIebel Open UI which removes the requirement on Java and is platform/browser independent. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14004_01/books/SiebInstWIN/SiebInstCOM_AddConfig16.html I don't understand your concerns regarding opening a support ticket. In order to provide better service, you will need to open a support case.

  • 5.  RE: How does the Siebel Load the inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll

    Posted 11-07-2013 17:22
    Hi michael, The toolbar got enabled as this was an issue on siebel side. We did a srf recompile and toolbar started coming on the browser. We are facing a new issue with integration as the toolbar is completely grayed out and i cant do a login to the toolbar. And also i checked the scomm log files to indentify the issue and it looks like the driver is not getting loaded, Also i could not see any siebel logs getting generated under interactive intelligence log folder on siebel server. I have enabled siebelmtshmw log level to 100 but no luck on logs. i can only see interaction client log. TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:58:02:395]:INFO:Client login from IP(, Host( TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:58:02:395]: DEBUG:Being invoking ClientConnect in Comm. Server Svc. TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:58:02:396]: DEBUG:Client is connected with task ID(14680074), userKey(1ff0|527bb88a|0) TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:58:02:476]: DEBUG:About to connect to Server Request Broker at GateWay(MCHOUREYLR3T968:2320), Enterprise(SIA_ET), Server(siebsrvr1) with user(TESTI3), rowId(1-17BJRDX), key(1ff0|527bb88a|0) TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:58:02:506]: DEBUG:Connected to GateWay(MCHOUREYLR3T968:2320), Enterprise(SIA_ET), Server(siebsrvr1), Component(CommSessionMgr) TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:59:02:536]:FATAL:Connection to Communication Server is lost. TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:59:02:537]:FATAL:Failed to submit SRM request(StartAllDriver) to server, or Comm. Session Manager failed on processing request, ccfErrCode(3735613, input-args={ DriverProfileInfoArray = 1#717#9#5#Voice5#Voice6#I3 CTI9#1-17BK62R36#Interactive Intelligence CTI Profile37#inin_integrations_siebel_interopU.dll9#voice.gif585#2#281#12#20#Driver:PrimaryServer28#Driver:EventCustomAttributes20#Driver:ANIAttributes10#Driver:URL21#Driver: DisabledEven .... (message is too long) ... LanguageCode = ENU } TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:59:02:537]:ERROR:Failed on invoking ClientConnect in Comm. Server Svc., err=7536946, msg=Failed on sending request or failed on processing request in server Communication Agent.(SBL-CSR-00306), input= ClientHost = ClientIP = Simulate = 0 SiebelMobileClient = 0 TESTI3_14680074[11/07/2013 10:59:02:537]: DEBUG:End invoking ClientConnect in Comm. Server Svc. . we have also created a super user on Interaction Administrator and as per installation document , i believe Super user is responsible for proxy login to IA and Siebel. Please suggest . we are using Siebel 8.1.10 SIA with CIC 4. SU4. Thanks, Mahesh

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