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  • 1.  Custom ring depending on call origin

    Posted 08-13-2014 17:10
    Hi, I have my Helpdesk set up as ACD, but we occasionally forget to make ourselves available and calls can sit. I set up some attendant logic to check to see if agents are available, and if none are, to ring a station group that contains all of the Helpdesk staff's stations so that it becomes immediately obvious that someone is calling. I know there are other ways to address this, but when we are all sitting at our staff meeting, it would be nice to hear every phone in the room ring. Adds a nice touch of importance to it, and nobody is sitting at their desk to see a pop-up alert. So the question is, can I set up a custom ring so that calls that bounce to the station group play a custom wav file? Could I have a different wav file at each station? Can I get them to play on the phone, or would it be limited to PC spearkers? I'd like to make it sound like six different people all yelling 'Help!' at the same time...lol. I didn't find much in the doc for this, so any help is greatly appreciated. If I missed it, just point me to it. Thanks, Larry

  • 2.  RE: Custom ring depending on call origin

    Posted 08-14-2014 13:59
    What version of CIC are you running? Depending on what type of phones you have I believe you can do this, although I personally have never done it. I believe the Polycom phones can have distinctive rings set when calls meet specific criteria. Otherwise if all of the agents have speakers on their computers I believe you can set the system to play a different ringing wav file. I think you can find distinctive ringings in the station group configuration. The different wav file rings should be in the user role configuration.

  • 3.  RE: Custom ring depending on call origin

    Posted 08-18-2014 21:34
    The capability to do this was on the roadmap for CIC4.0 SU6, though I don't see anything with a quick glance at my test server.