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  • 1.  Insufficient Dialing Privileges in Interactive Client

    Posted 02-29-2016 19:36
    I was able to set up two managed Ip phones and their status in the Interaction Administrator shows - Up-to-date Later I have provisioned these soft phone stations in two different servers successfully. I have provided the screenshots of the Managed IP Phones configurations and the stations in the attached document. I also provided all the classifications in the access control for the stations. I am able to send the chat messages between these agents in the Interaction Client but the calls are generating the 'Insufficient Dialing privileges' error message Could you anyone let me know what I need to do differently and solve this problem. Thanks, Abhilash

  • 2.  RE: Insufficient Dialing Privileges in Interactive Client

    Posted 02-29-2016 21:39
    When dialing from the Client, Access Control settings on the stations are ignored. The system only uses the permissions assigned to the user logged into the Client. You would do very well to take some classes through Interactive University. I think they would help you greatly. https://www.inin.education/

  • 3.  RE: Insufficient Dialing Privileges in Interactive Client

    Posted 03-02-2016 12:22
    Abhilash, You can configure the dialling privilege at user or station levels. At user level under user container or role or workgroup Security tab/Access Control Phone number classification. At station level, In station container/Access Control. To understand whihc one you need if you do not wish a=to give all access simulate the number in Simulate call in IA/System Configuration/Phone Number/Regional Dial Plan Hope this will help.

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