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  • 1.  Queue Detail Report

    Posted 10-29-2015 07:59
    Hi All Im wanting to write an SQL query that can tell me how many calls were offered to a particular work group When I run the report in ICBM for a specific date i get 25 When i run the query on the database for the same date i get 24 ( *note numbers are examples) The main issue is that i cannot get the same data out of the database as I can from the Tool. Can someone tell me how I can get how many calls were offered to a queue ? i.e what database ? or View ? do you use ? Thanks

  • 2.  RE: Queue Detail Report

    Posted 10-29-2015 12:28
    I think you will need to define "offered to a queue" to get a better answer. There are two types of reports in ICBM for the calls that go into a specific workgroup queue - Call Detail reports (which are using the basic call data for specific calls) and Queue Statistics (which use the statistical data gathered on queues over a designated time period, 1/2 chunks by default). Those two types of data almost never match, because they are two different ways of counting things due to the nature of queues (how many times a call gets routed to an agent who doesn't answer, so it gets rolled back into queue;whether a call gets transferred from one queue to another;whether a call gets manually grabbed out of queue rather than routing via ACD; etc.) So, a call could get "offered" multiple times in the same queue, or a call that enters the queue may never get "offered" because the person abandons or transfers out before going to an agent in that queue. Your best place to start is the Reporting Data Dictionary, which will help you figure out which fields you are really interested in, and how you want to define "offered" in order to go after the right data in the right tables. The ICBM reports are already built to take into account what the developers considered the right data, but their definitions may not match what you are wanting to see.

  • 3.  RE: Queue Detail Report

    Posted 10-30-2015 03:16
    Thanks George Im after how many Entered the queue.

  • 4.  RE: Queue Detail Report

    Posted 11-05-2015 19:52
    Well, you could try the View [calldetail_viw] I ran some tests where I placed a call into my system, transferred it into a queue, let it hit the Queue Timeout, then escaped to the main menu, then chose the same queue again, and did that several times on each call. In ICBM the statistics showed multiple calls entering the queue, but the View just showed the one entry into queue for each call. Also, I used the CustomACDQueueTimeout handler to do blind transfers from one queue to another. In the View, it showed up as one call entering the Support queue, even though it transferred back and forth with Sales queue many times. The only place I am finding a record of the call entering the different queues is when I look at the Call Log column in the View, and I can see everywhere the call went. The Queue Statistics reports show the same call as multiple offers in each queue, which of course does not match the CallDetail view. So, it really depends on the behavior of calls in your call center. Do they enter one queue and stay there for the duration? If so, then you should be able to use the CallDetail view. If they transfer between queues, then you will have to rely on the Queue Detail report info to find out how many times a call entered each queue (which really only shows how many calls entered the queue, not whether it was the same call entering the same queue multiple times or different queues on the same call). One query example, replace 'Support' with the queue name you want: SELECT * FROM [I3_IC].[dbo].[calldetail_viw] WHERE [I3_IC].[dbo].[calldetail_viw].[AssignedWorkGroup]='Support' ORDER BY [I3_IC].[dbo].[calldetail_viw].[initiateddate] DESC

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