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Utilization formula within a given interval

  • 1.  Utilization formula within a given interval

    Posted 08-11-2016 00:49
    Hello! This is my first time creating a report for a call center so forgive my newbiness. I have access to backend data. I've been tasked with creating an Intraday Shrinkage Report using data from both ININ as our Workforce Mgt solution. Basically, calculating by Agent, by Interval, Scheduled time vs productive time (logged in, ready to take calls, taking calls, wrapping calls, etc.). I would like to calculate Utilization, that time a Call Agent is both Logged in and either ready to take calls or taking calls for a given Workgroup (cReportGroup). One of our Analysts gave me the formula:
    tAcw + tAgentAvailable + tHoldAcd + tTalkAcd
    from the Schema IAgentQueueStats would add up to productive time for a given Agent/Interval. My first question is "Is this accurate"? The CIC Data Dictionary says "Note tTalkACD is the time an interaction is active with an agent, including any Hold time with the agent during the interaction." so my second question is "Should I subtract tHoldAcd time? or is that value outside of the Agent Interaction? Thank you for any response, I genuinely appreciate it. mfcummings :)

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