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  • 1.  Marquee 4.0 Interactions to VoiceMail and CallBack

    Posted 05-11-2016 04:01
    Hi, I think I have this correct but please correct me if I don't, I'm trying to get my head around service level targets in particular with consideration on interactions delivered either to voicemail or callers requesting call back. In reverse order, my thinking is if the caller requests callback a new callback obj is used with the metrics associated with the interaction copied across and when that call is dealt with (i.e. caller has been rung back and eventually disconnected) it is as if the caller remained in the queue for the entireity, and call backs are just considered as answered/completed as per non-callback calls. Voicemail, if the call is delivered off to a separate queue it is not considered abandoned, however is it still considered answered or is it a "flowed out" count? So to determine how it impacts service levels would I just be looking at calls abandoned/calls received and calls to callback and calls to voicemail would be factored in correctly? I think the voicemail may be trickier in that it could technically not be considered as completed or at least answered. Anyone out there had similar considerations or have you found this to be a non-issue given the way those states are treated? thanks James

  • 2.  RE: Marquee 4.0 Interactions to VoiceMail and CallBack

    Posted 05-22-2016 23:02
    To anyone facing the same question in the future I thought I'd post up the word back on this from Inin (a colleague with appropriate access logged a case on my behalf), which makes sense to me. Abandons:- Abandoned queue interactions occur on a distribution queue when a queue interaction disconnects before it enters a Client_Connected state (that is, an agent or user picks it up). These example scenarios can be considered abandons: o Disconnects before the queue interaction is connected to a user or agent. This only includes remote disconnects. o Interactions that go to a voicemail box assigned to the ACD workgroup. To the ACD system, they are simply seen as queue interactions that disconnect while on the workgroup queue. o Interactions that go to a voicemail box assigned to the user/agent queue where the agent never answers the interaction. Service levels:- Service level statistics in the Interval Queue Data tables are based on the number of interactions answered within the specified number of seconds by the queue. Thus, call that go to a voicemail is consider as abandoned call and will not be included in service level statistics. While the callback interaction counted the same as normal call interaction. Whenever a user disconnect from the interaction and decided to place a callback request. It will create a new interaction ID and queued into workgroup. Callback scenario resulted in a total of 2 Interaction received and 1 interaction flow out. Below is a sample scenario how the interaction being counted: 1 user call into the queue (Interaction received : 1) 2 user decided to disconnect and place a callback (Interaction received : 2, Interaction flow out : 1) * The flow out is come from the 1st interaction 3 agent pick up the callback (Interaction received : 2, Interaction flow out : 1, Interaction Answered) So in summary callbacks might play around a bit with other views (where interactions received and flowed out are factors) but for SL distros the 'answer' is used once only when it is actually connected, caller to agent, as you would expect. Voice mails to me are NOT answered but are either dropping out to vmail on a pre-determined timeout or deliberately sent there (because they cannot be handled) so they should be treated as such.

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