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  • 1.  License Allocation

    Posted 02-22-2018 00:33
    When one of the agent logged into the interaction client, she recieved the below warning. what might be the reason. She has been assigned license in ACD Media 3. Warning: The system could not acquire licenses for all ACD media types. The ACD interactions types you receive will be limited until this problem is resolved.

  • 2.  RE: License Allocation

    Posted 02-22-2018 18:42
    I have only seen that error with ACD Media 2 licenses, never with ACD Media 3. Only thing i could suggest is looking at the interactiondesktop log file on the agents PC. Scott

  • 3.  RE: License Allocation

    Posted 02-22-2018 19:14
    what to look for in that desktop log

  • 4.  RE: License Allocation

    Posted 02-23-2018 16:35
    This error normally is stating the agent is a member of a workgroup that is allowed interactions they are not licensed for. I used the below filter in the Log Viewer to search for the interaction they are not getting license for. MediaLicenses.IsLicensedForMediaType: Since your user has ACD 3 and should be license for all interaction i am unsure if you will see that same thing. Scott

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