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  • 1.  Getting notified of assigned callback

    Posted 02-15-2018 15:33
    I have a custom application we are using for our call center agents. They are getting assigned their calls through the ACD setup just fine. I am trying to add callback functionality into this application. We create callbacks through the web and if a customer is in the queue too long. The callback gets placed into the queue and automatically assigned to an agent when one becomes aviable. When using interaction desktop (desktop and web version) instead of my custom application the callback works as expected. In my application I can hear the whisper file play and I see my status change to "On a call", but I never get the callback interaction in my list of interactions. I have a queue subscription setup for { QueueName = UserId, QueueType = QueueTypeDataContract.System }. I auto asign and auto answer calls to agents. All the calls come in through this subscription just fine. At this point, if I try and start the interaction desktop using the same credentials and workstation. I will get an error stating I am logged into another location; This error is expected. When I do this, the session in my custom application becomes invalidated and I go and create a new one. When I create a new session I then see the callback that was assigned to me. From this point I can interact with this callback in my custom application as I would expect. This happens with every callback.

  • 2.  RE: Getting notified of assigned callback

    Posted 02-15-2018 19:16
    I discovered what my issue was. The callback was coming in through my subscription, but when it first gets assigned to me it only appears as the interaction ID and has a state of Unavailable. All other interication attributes are blank. This was causing an error becuase public PhoneSystemInteractionDirection CallDirection { get; set; } my call direction isn't nullable. The error that was thrown was inside of an async method so the error was swallowed. Not sure why the callback appears this way when it first gets assigned to me. It does immediately get updated afterwards with all the callback's information.

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