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  • 1.  Relocating a switchover server

    Posted 07-20-2017 18:20
    Hi all, We're moving away from Avaya to an ININ switch pair. The plan is to slowly absorb another companies devices and calls. So the current steps I have are deactive failover ship failover to us reconnect primary and failover via VPN eventually receive the primary device as well My questions are; do I have to completely deactivate the switchover server to successfully ship it down here or can I run /ManualSwitchOnly on the primary to halt all backup activity and then turn off the ININ services on the backup before shipping it down. Because it's going to be on a VPN initially it will have the same IP address as before so I don't think that will present an issue. Once we're ready to receive the primary switch, do we set the backup to primary and then ship the primary? Thanks, Puzzled :confused:

  • 2.  RE: Relocating a switchover server

    Posted 07-21-2017 02:06
    First, I recommend becoming very familiar with this document: https://help.inin.com/cic/mergedProjects/wh_tr/desktop/pdfs/automated_switchover_system_tr.pdf ... especially the section on switchover across a WAN. To ship a backup server, just shut it down, ship it, and power it back on (assuming same IP/DNS). No need to disable switchover completely... though probably not a terrible idea to set to manual the first time you bring up the backup server across the VPN connection. Also keep in mind that if a lot has changed during the time the server ships that switchover may take a lot longer to start as it replicates those changes. IC may even fail to start once or twice as replication completes. Also, the simplest change for WAN switchover is to disable the UDP ping (especially across a VPN tunnel). By default, this ping occurs every second and 5 missed pings equals a switchover event. Disabling it will cause switchover to rely on the application layer TS ping (every 10 seconds). There are other parameters that can also be set (see the doc above). Either server can be the active server or the backup server - just depends which server is started first. So when moving the second server, switch to the remote server (the VPN will have necessary bandwidth/latency to allow CIC to operate, right?) so that it is active, shut down the server that hasn't moved, move it, and bring it back up.

  • 3.  RE: Relocating a switchover server

    Posted 07-21-2017 15:28
    Thanks for the information. I did find the automated switchover document which is where I found that command that made me rethink the whole process. Good to know that it's actually very simple to do. I am a little worried about the VPN requirements, is there any place that I can find more information on what would be the ideal bandwidth and latency for this? If it's the automated switchover doc, I'll get to it as I've been reading through since yesterday. Thanks again.

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