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Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Integration

  • 1.  Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Integration

    Posted 04-19-2017 15:55
    We are running CIC 2016 R3 Patch 12 and are using the integration with the Oracle Service Cloud. I have created a script using Interaction ScriptAssist to do a server search based on the customer's ANI. If this search returns multiple customers I pop a custom report in Service Cloud that lists the contacts associated with the ANI. I wrote a Oracle Service Cloud custom Report Add-In to allow the agent to double click the contact and have it automatically create a new Incident with the selected contact assigned. We are running into an issue where if the call is transferred the report is transferred with the call instead of the new Incident. I need to somehow associate the new Incident with the phone call so that it is transferred instead of the report. This works correctly if there is only 1 contact associated with the ANI as a new Incident is popped instead of the report. Does anyone know how to associate a Incident with the phone call? Do I need to set values on any of the Custom Objects that are created for the integration? Thanks, Andrew

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