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  • 1.  Export/Import configuration

    Posted 08-25-2017 13:13
    Hi All, I am getting ready to upgrade our system from 2016 R4 to 2017 R4, but wanted to do it to our Dev. environment first. The problem i have found, our Dev. environment is not a mirror of our production environment from a system standpoint. The question i have, is there a way to export the configuration from my Production CIC server and import it into my Dev. CIC so they are mirrors of each other. My goal is to upgrade the Dev and be able to do almost a complete testing of our system prior to do a upgrade of our production environment. Thank you, Scott

  • 2.  RE: Export/Import configuration

    Posted 08-25-2017 13:16

  • 3.  RE: Export/Import configuration

    Posted 08-25-2017 13:29
    i went looking there first, but was searching for import/export, didn't think of searching for migrator. This is perfect, thank you! Scott

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