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  • 1.  Integrating Siebel CRM with CIC 3.0 and Dialer

    Posted 11-18-2010 12:20
    We're currently running a CRM system called Siebel with a CTI integration. This integration makes it possible to use Siebel to lookup a Customer Card when the customer calls on your SIP phone, as well as log in to CIC with your Agent ID, Teleset, Extention and Password. You can also call from within the Siebel UI and flag yourself as not available. The next step is to implement Dialer for campaign calls. Currently when the Dialer connects a call with Siebel, the CIC integration sends EVENT_ESTABLISHED and we lookup the Customer Card if the customer exists. In order for this integration to work, we need the agent to login to the actual workflow designed for the given campaign. Currently this login is done through a .NET client developed with the IceLib library, as well as response codes are set in the client so the Dialer knows when to hook up the next conversation with the agent. Unfortunately this gives the agents to applications. Our intention is to use the I3 SOAP components and the goal is to login to CIC through the default CIC integration, then login to the workflow through Web Service calls as well as sending response codes through WebService calls. Any help regarding the SOAP components and whether this will be possible or not is appreciated. 1: We only want to login to CIC through the standard CTI integration provided from ININ to Siebel for IC (Interaction Client). 2: We want to login to an available workflow for a Dialer campaign through WebServcies in Siebel and not in a customised IS application. 3: We want to set the Dialer status codes through WebServices in Siebel. One option is to use the COM objects from IceLib and develop the connector, login etc. using scripts. However, this is not a best practice way in the Siebel world, hence we would like to see if the I3 SOAP components is an option or not. Thank you in advance. with Regards Filip Poverud

  • 2.  RE: Integrating Siebel CRM with CIC 3.0 and Dialer

    Posted 11-18-2010 14:02
    I have done some reading on the forums and found a similar question where the designer wanted to update data in CIC from their third party web application. This is te answer: I'd like to add another option that doesn't require any additional license and could do the trick. It's developing a rather simple handler using Designer that change the agent status. That's not a hard thing to do, assuming you have some expertise with Designer and handlers. Ok, once the handler has been developed, how to call it from your web survey application when the agent complete the survey? I think you have two main options: 1. Using COM Notifier library to develop a simple ActiveX control that execute the handler passing the agent id as parameter You can easily embed this control in your survey web page (Active X is more HTML and JavaScript friendly that .NET in my opinion). If you choose this option, please take into account that the web server hosting the survey tool should be able to communicate to the IC Server through the Notifier port (2633 TCP). This could be an issue if the survey web app is a hosted application served over the open Internet, because it will likely require open some firewall ports. 2. Maybe the more elegant option in my opinion but also a little cumbersome is exposing the handler to be triggered by an external SOAP request. For this you would need to install the SOAP Listener on an internal IIS server (you can find information about the SOAP Listener on ININ Support side). As SOAP requests are normally carried over HTTP this would eliminate the need to open firewalls port on the network CIC server resides, assuming, of course, the survey app is a hosted service on Internet. Of course, you need to embed the code to make the SOAP request to the web server hosting the SOAP Connector in the survey app logic. So now my question is: Does Handlers support the following methods (As in the old COM interface): IEICPredictiveServer2 Interface Overview Derived From: IUnknown Interface ID: {B56CEAC6-2498-44DD-9913-BF79ED1E38C3} Class ID: {383C88A5-2EF3-4D68-AC29-3598E860AF88} Prog ID: EICPredictiveServer2.EICPredictiveServer2 This interface provides a server object whose methods manipulate and disposition data pops. The object logs in the agent, transitions to the next stage, updates contact list data, and provides overall control over the interaction between the agent and the Outbound Dialer server. Methods AssociateCall The AssociateCall method has been deprecated. Do not use it in your application. CallComplete Use CallComplete when the Agent has completed a call. It sends call results, including Reason and Finish Codes, to the Outbound Dialer server. EndBreak EndBreak sends a notification to dialer indicating that the agent is ready for more calls. GetFormDefinition GetFormDefinition returns the base Interaction Scripter form definition. This method is reserved for internal use by Interactive Intelligence. Do not call this method in custom applications. Logoff This method logs the agent out of a workflow. Logon This method logs the agent into the specified workflow. MarkCallForFinishing MarkCallForFinishing prepares the current outbound contact to be picked up by Finishing Agents after a subsequent transfer to a ACD Workgroup. PlacePreviewCall Places a preview call for the associated workflow. Names and Values represent contact information passed to the dialing handler. PostMessage Posts a message to the client callback handler. This generic method is included for future extensibility. RegisterScripter RegisterScripter is reserved for internal use by Interactive Intelligence. Do not call this method in custom applications. RequestBreak RequestBreak sends a break request to dialer indicating that the agent is ready to go on break. RequestLogoff RequestLogout sends a logout request to dialer indicating that the agent is ready to logout. SetAgentType SetAgentType sets the AgentType value for the current agent. This method is primarily used in conjunction with Finishing Agents (agents that do not receive regular campaign calls). SetAvailability SetAvailability sets the agent break status. If p_IsAvailable is False, then set the agent into a break state. If True, then set the agent as available to receive campaign calls. SetDebugMode SetDebugMode will turn on extended errors. This mode will help determine errors in the application using the API. SetMarshalledClientCallbackHandler This method associates the Predictive Dialer COM object with an IEICClientCallback2 watcher, so that you can monitor for changes to the Predictive Dialer COM object. This watcher object must be implemented in a client application. SetThreadedClientCallbackHandler This method associates the Predictive Dialer COM object with an IEICClientCallback2 watcher. This allows you to monitor for changes to the Predictive Dialer COM object. Your client application must implement this watcher object. StartReceivingCalls The StartReceivingCalls method informs the Dialer that the associated agent is ready to start receiving campaign calls. This method is usually called after the login initialization is complete. UpdateCallData The UpdateCallData method updates the data associated with the current outbound contact. This method is usually called right before a contact is transferred to another party. UpdateStage Call the UpdateStage method when the agent has transitioned to a new stage in the call. ValidateVersion Interface version number being used by the Interaction Scripter predictive client. See IFREV TypeDef for values. Properties AvailableWorkflows The AvailableWorkflows property returns the list of available workflows in a SAFEARRAY. The workflows in the list only include those that agents can log into. No agentless workflows are listed. If this returns True, it seems we can have a fully supported integration from Siebel to CIC using both parties supported technology. /F

  • 3.  RE: Integrating Siebel CRM with CIC 3.0 and Dialer

    Posted 11-23-2010 12:50
    The COM library will be obsolete with the next versjon. New approach: 1: Send a Web Service Request from Siebel to the I3 SOAP Listener. 2: Receive the Message in a Handler. 3: Use the Handler DLL Object to login to the available WorkFlow for the Agent. 4: Send Dialer Status Updates through WorkingTrack objects on the CIC integration. 5: Send Siebel Marketing Status Updates with a Web Service (1-2). Seems like an even better idea. I wonder if I get support from ININ if I skip the I3 SOAP listener and rebuild it on MULE ? :)

  • 4.  RE: Integrating Siebel CRM with CIC 3.0 and Dialer

    Posted 07-06-2011 20:34
    Hi Filip, the Siebel - IC 3.0 Dialer integration runs out of the box seting parameter as in an inbound queue? Thanks

  • 5.  RE: Integrating Siebel CRM with CIC 3.0 and Dialer

    Posted 04-09-2013 23:47
    Hi Filip, How are you? Please, can you share the configuration that must be done in Siebel before integrate it with CIC? I'm trying to install the Siebel CTI Driver (Communication Session Manager) on a standalone server, that would be the first step before installing the .msi of the inin's siebel integration. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Joi Flores.

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