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  • 1.  TSServer/Aculab Crash CIC 3.0 SU-9

    Posted 01-19-2011 23:23
    We are having an issue where our TSServer crashes and causes a switchover. This happens every 30 days or so. We are escalating with support, but has anyone else seen this behavior? This has happened on both of our servers, so I don't believe it is hardware related. It appears to be related to a call recordings with multiple parties (conference) that fails to release at the end of the call. TS throws an exception and crashes...

  • 2.  RE: TSServer/Aculab Crash CIC 3.0 SU-9

    Posted 01-21-2011 21:54
    We have what sounds like the same issue. We have had switchover issues since upgrading to 3.0 About a year ago. I think this started prior to SU9.

  • 3.  RE: TSServer/Aculab Crash CIC 3.0 SU-9

    Posted 02-14-2011 21:45
    We have upgraded to SU 10 and hope that it fixes TSServer. So far, so good....

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