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  • 1.  Call transferred to voice mail also gets assigned to an agent

    Posted 03-07-2011 19:27
    We have IC 2.4 SU39. Our IVR is setup to allow users to escape to voice mail. Occasionally, some callers that go to voice mail also get connected to an agent while in voice mail. Our call recordings confirm the agent is hearing the voice mail prompts. I think (based on database entries) the caller was in voice mail for 1-25 seconds before being assigned to an agent. If the call goes long enough voice mail cuts it off and disconnects the call (like 7or8 minutes). Anyone know how to avoid having a caller delivered to voice mail and a caller?

  • 2.  RE: Call transferred to voice mail also gets assigned to an agent

    Posted 03-08-2011 01:03
    The symptom you have described sounds like a race condition - a situation where the call flow branches into two different paths (staying in the queue vs. going to voicemail). Normally, the branch that would stay in queue would be terminated. I suspect that there is likely some customization to the queue (or possibly even a base handler) that is causing this issue. If you are familiar with using SnapShot to analyze IC logs, then I recommend looking at the timeline view for an IP log of that call to see where this happens. If not, I recommend working with your partner to identify the issue.

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