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  • 1.  Newbie for SOAP

    Posted 12-27-2011 09:05
    Hi All, Can someone teach me how to setup this scenario? 1. Customer calls IVR and we'll input his/her customerID 2. CustomerID will be verified from database if existing or not 3. Once verification is a success, customerID should be passed to CRM web service. 4. According to the CRM vendor they will be the one to initiate the screen pop. 5. According to them, they have created another service just for pop-up. 6. Together with the screen pop, ACD routing should perform as is. I can only verified up to the point of verification of the customerID from the database. This has been customized via handler. I don't know how will I pass the customerID to the web service so that they can initiate the pop up. Some stuff I read, I should use SOAP, do you have sample handler of this based on my scenario? One more thing, if they will be the one to initiate the CRM pop up on agent desktop, how can it synchronize with Interaction Client once the call is being offered to a certain agent via ACD routing? Thank you in advance!

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