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  • 1.  Actual FTEs in Intraday

    Posted 10-09-2012 13:00
    Hello I am doing some work on reporting and I am running into a wall on several elements... 1) In the Business Manager Intraday how do you get the .5 hour values for actual FTE? I cannot locate any date points on the tables that will provide this number to me. I would like to determine the ACD hours by scheduling unit and currently the only way to do so is to go in to business manager and manually pull it. If I can locate the data point(s) on the tables I can largely automate this process. 2) Adherence, how is the Adherence Summary Percentage by Date/User come to the in/out of adherence %s. Again I am looking for the table location of the data elements and the calculation that follows. I have checked regularly in the Reporting data Dictionary and the Reporting Guide and cannot find this information. I am on 3.0 I beleive SU12 or 13. Thank you

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