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  • 1.  CIC 4.0 SU3 using iUpdate with SIP Soft Phones

    Posted 03-08-2013 15:20
    Just wanted to make everyone aware of an issue that I ran across when deploying SU3 as it potentially could have taken down our entire call center had everyone received the update. Some background, we are a pure soft phone environment using the ININ Sip Softphone. I deployed SU3 to the CIC servers and then added SU3 to iUpdate to automatically deploy to the clients at 3:00 AM. When I came in Monday morning a couple of users were getting an error message (the only two that had gotten the update and rebooted). The message they would get was "Disconnected [There Is No Contact Address For Your Station]. At this point the user is down as they can't make/receive calls. After working with I3 support they found that the QoS driver was the issue. Further investigation revealed that if the ININ Sip Soft Phone is running during the SU3 update the QoS driver is not installed properly which causes the error. SCR IC-108367 has been created for this and they are working on a resolution. WORKAROUND: 1. A workaround that worked for several computers (not all though) was to go into "Programs and Features" and choose to "Repair" the IC UserApps install (ensuring the IC client and SIP Soft Phone are not running). On a couple of laptops I had to completely remove SU3 to get the user back up. Removing SU3 posed an issue as well as it was looking for the QoS driver (ininqos.sys) and couldn't find it so I had to manually browse to C:\Program Files\Interactive Intelligence\ICUserApps\QoSDriverFiles\Win7_x64 and then SU3 uninstalled properly. 2. Moving forward if I want to get the users up to SU3 before a fix is pushed out I will have to work with each individual user and ensure the IC client and SIP Soft Phone is not running, then manually apply SU3. Or potentially I could have their manager instruct them to leave there computers on over night but exit the client and SIP Soft Phone then let iUpdate handle it. Just wanted to share in case anyone else is facing this issue. Thanks, Adam

  • 2.  RE: CIC 4.0 SU3 using iUpdate with SIP Soft Phones

    Posted 03-25-2013 09:48
    Hi Adam, thank you very much for sharing that information. I also had the same problem, When I realized that the problem was the QoS driver, I just disabled it from the station options, andt then reload the softphone and It worked again, just a little workaround, but thanks again for the SCR information. Regards, Joi Flores.

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