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  • 1.  UserWorkgroups Table

    Posted 04-11-2013 15:07
    Is there some process or something to call or launch that will get the UserWorkgroups table sync'd back up with how the system is configured? Something happened over the weekend with our system (CIC 3.0 SU11) and we're not sure why, but some of the users that were in this table are now missing. A search through the forums shows that it's possible this table isn't used anymore, but what would cause the users to be deleted from this table other than going into each user and removing them from the workgroups they were in? All of out users are still in their correct workgroups, it's just that the data in this table doesn't match the system anymore. We use this table internally for some reports, and now that some users are no longer there, I have some departments questioning the reports I create. Thanks, Jeff

  • 2.  RE: UserWorkgroups Table

    Posted 04-11-2013 17:24
    Our vendor was able to tell me how to re-synchronize the data. On the active CIC server, from a command prompt, you use this command: SendCustomNotification AdminServer SyncAllMirrorLogs Is there anything like this documented anywhere? Are there other useful commands which we should know about? Jeff

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