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  • 1.  ACD-call at same time with nonACD-call

    Posted 12-07-2015 10:31
    During callcenter work, are agents can also get non-ACD calls. When the phone is ringing for an ACD-call and on that moment a non-ACD call is coming in, these are both ringing. When the agent pick-up the ACD-call, the non-ACD call keeps ringing. Because the agent's phone is ringing in his headset, he cannot understand the customer because of the ringing of the non-ACD-call. We heard from support that this is normal behaviour. Has someone a solution /workaround for this problem? Is this also a problem in other companies? It is not a solution for us to let the phone ring by the pc. Thanks! Karen

  • 2.  RE: ACD-call at same time with nonACD-call

    Posted 12-07-2015 15:23
    This is expected behavior because it is generally desirable for an agent to be able to receive a non-ACD call even while on an ACD call (for example, a call from the agent's supervisor). I've not tried it, but one potential solution would be a client rule that would prevent inbound calls while on a call.

  • 3.  RE: ACD-call at same time with nonACD-call

    Posted 12-07-2015 18:01
    What happens when you un-check the option "Ring when on phone" under the Alerting options under the Client configuration? I don't know if that would stop the ringing once another call is answered.

  • 4.  RE: ACD-call at same time with nonACD-call

    Posted 12-18-2015 13:17
    Our agents have Auto Answer acd, which means they immediately get the call. If a non-acd call rings to their line they receive a "toast" pop that allows the option to send to voicemail or ignore (or answer of course).. not sure if this will help your situation as I assume it depends on how many non-acd calls a user may get, but solved a similar issue for us as ACD is the priority. This does mean status monitoring and awareness training increased to avoid agent not answering.

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