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  • 1.  Getting all Skills that are set up in CIC

    Posted 03-08-2011 21:33
    Is it possible to retreive a list of ALL Skills that are set up in the CIC using IceLib? I don't see any way to retreive the Skills in the documentation other than using a SkillConfigurationList and calling StartCaching or StartCachingAsync, however those methods will only return the first 49 SkillConfiguration objects that match your query. Also, even though the SkillConfigurationList let's you know there are "MoreResultsAvailable" there doesn't seem to be a way to get to those additional results. I have considered using a loop and running multiple queries with different filters, but that wouldn't be a very efficient method. Our problem is that we have more than 50 skills that begin with the same prefix, and so the only way to filter down to less than 50 skills requires knowing the names of each skill, but if I knew that I wouldn't need to do a query for them. I'd appreciate any help!

  • 2.  RE: Getting all Skills that are set up in CIC

    Posted 09-23-2011 18:46
    Having the same problem, in a different way. I'd like to be able to retrieve all the userconfiguration objects for every user in the phone system. Unfortunately, the query I run will only return 49 users. Though I can see that there are MoreResultsAvailable on the userConfigurationList, I cannot see how to actually get any more out of it. Further calls return the same set. Am I missing something? Or is the only solution here to break my user ids into prefixes such that none will have more than 49 results? var List<UserConfiguration> result = new List<UserConfiguration>(); UserConfigurationList userConfigurationList = new UserConfigurationList(manager); List<FilterDefinition<UserConfiguration, UserConfiguration.Property>> filterDefinitions = new List<FilterDefinition<UserConfiguration, UserConfiguration.Property>>(); QuerySettings<UserConfiguration, UserConfiguration.Property> querySettings = new QuerySettings<UserConfiguration, UserConfiguration.Property>(); userConfigurationList.StartCaching(querySettings); foreach (var uc in userConfigurationList.GetConfigurationList()) { results.Add(uc); } return results;

  • 3.  RE: Getting all Skills that are set up in CIC

    Posted 07-30-2012 16:18
    Same problem here! I need to get a list of all users and workgroups from CIC server! Can only get the first 49 results... Pretty useless if you ask me.

  • 4.  RE: Getting all Skills that are set up in CIC

    Posted 12-10-2012 19:38
    Is paging available? What is this "49" results about?

  • 5.  RE: Getting all Skills that are set up in CIC

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    Posted 03-26-2013 15:49
    I ran into this issue as well, it seems odd that "MoreResultsAvailable" is available but there is no way to retrieve those results. I'll be monitoring this in case a solution appears. EDIT: For those who are interested, I found the following: https://my.inin.com/Support/Pages/KB-Details.aspx?EntryID=Q131706760400252

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