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  • 1.  changing user status with .Net Client Add-in

    Posted 10-06-2011 16:29
    Hi gurus! I found a code to change the user status with IceLib... but how do I change the status with an .net client addin using the "ININ.InteractionClient.AddIn"? I was searching the chm file but i didn't found any suitable. With the Auto-Status-Changer I can't handle the difference of screensaver startet and desktop is locked. Any ideas? Thanks

  • 2.  RE: changing user status with .Net Client Add-in

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    Posted 10-06-2011 18:00
    Hello, There currently isn't a way to change the user's status with an add-in (but your desire to do so has been noted, which helps us prioritize.) If you would like to implement your own "auto status changer"-style application, you can create it as an IceLib application which uses the common credentials class to log in using the same credentials as the .NET client, and issues status change notifications. Thanks, Aaron

  • 3.  RE: changing user status with .Net Client Add-in

    Posted 10-07-2011 07:42
    Hi Aaron, thanks for your feedback. I will try to build an IceLib-app and pressing thumbs that status changing via add-in will be available in future SUs. Greetings, Robert

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