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  • 1.  Remove Call from Conference

    Posted 02-20-2017 17:33
    I have a handler that is fired from IPA that creates a Call Object using the Station Audio tool and then creates a Conference with another Interaction ID that it is passed. This puts a Supervisor into a Conference with an Agent and Customer. With the IPA, I have a Disconnect button that disconnects the Supervisor from the Agent and Customer. However, this leaves the Agent and Customer call in a Conference state. If the Agent hangs up the phone, the call with the customer disconnects but the Conference does not, the Agent has to manually disconnect the Conference. I would like the handler that fires on the Disconnect button to also remove the Agent and Customer call from the conference (without disconnecting this call) and then disconnect the Conference object. I tried using the Remove Party tool to remove the Agent and Customer call from the Conference but it doesn't seem to work. Also, how do I Disconnect the Conference once the Customer and Agent call is removed? We are running CIC 2016 R3 Patch 12. I can upload any of the handlers if needed. Thanks, Andrew

  • 2.  RE: Remove Call from Conference

    Posted 02-22-2017 15:28
    So now I am seeing some really strange behavior (I think its strange). I have attached the handler that allows a Supervisor to "Join" the call between the Customer and the Agent. I have tested two scenarios where either the Agent disconnects or the Supervisor disconnects, leaving the Customer and either the Agent or Supervisor still on the call. The remaining call is still in a "Conference" and if the Agent or Supervisor, whomever is still on the call, disconnects, the Customer stays connected. In ICBM it shows the Customer call with a "State" of "ACD - Assigned: Test User" but on the "User" portion it does not show connected to anyone nor does it show any workgroup. If the Customer does not disconnect the call, it will stay connected forever. I have uploaded a screen shot of this and also my handler that creates the "Conference" between the Agent/Customer call and the Supervisor if it helps to figure out why this call is being stranded. In the handler, I pass the following variables: sInteractionId, sUser and sAgent. The sInteractionId is the ID of the call between the Customer and the Agent. sUser is the Supervisor who picks up the work item and sAgent is the name of the Agent on the call with the Customer. I also set a custom attribute on the calls called "Custom_ConferenceCallDisconnect" so that when the CustomCallDisconnect handler fires, it will recognize this as part of the Conference I created and disconnect the "stranded" call. I am just wondering if possibly the way I am creating the "Conference" is causing the issue here? Thanks, Andrew

  • 3.  RE: Remove Call from Conference

    Posted 02-22-2017 16:13
    You have Auto Disconnect set to "No" in the Conference tool step. That tells the system to leave the last party still connected when all the other parties have disconnected or been removed, which seems to be the behavior you are describing.

  • 4.  RE: Remove Call from Conference

    Posted 02-22-2017 17:01
    That makes sense and everything is working as expected now. Thanks, Andrew

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