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  • 1.  Whisper Tone Issue

    Posted 07-30-2021 12:47
    Edited by Kahina Younsi 07-30-2021 12:48
    Hello everyone,
    We have a problem for one of us customer, using Citrix Gateway and Cisco routers to be able to connect to their network, these agents use IC to answer calls, however this customer has a problem is that these agents sometimes do not hear the Whisper tone and sometimes also they have the loss of voice (the agent hears words or phrases cut) at our level according to the logs the whisper tone was played correctly, but at the agent's level the call came in without Whisper tone playing. This Whisper tone problem also has it with Ichat.
    We really suspect that the problem comes from the packet loss, probably at the router level due to the header adding to the packets arriving at the router, noting that the packets are too big for the MTU size of the bridge, so the router drops or fragment them which could justify the loss of useful data among these data the Whisper tone.
    1- Also the same customer for another call center is using Juniper for the VPN in that center there is no unheard Whisper problem.
    2- Also noted that the customer is not convinced that this is packet loss, so please how can I demonstrate to this customer that the problem is not with the PureConnect solution?
    That there is already someone of you who has had a similar problem with this one.
    So any of you has some idea where this problem is coming from

    Thank you


    Kahina .Y


  • 2.  RE: Whisper Tone Issue

    Posted 08-02-2021 11:40

    Hi Kahina - I've found that when a user is not hearing the whisper tone, they are using a wireless headset that has power saving features that put the device into a standby mode to extend battery life.  The whisper is essentially the event that is waking the device, from the agents perspective it's trimmed off and the rest of the call audio is without issue.


    Raymond Hicks
    Sutter Health