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  • 1.  Route email with attachments

    Posted 11-07-2018 12:42
    ​I'm sure someone has already done this...

    We have an email routing profile in Attendant. We want a step that will route the email to a different workgroup *IF* it contains an attachment.
    If it doesn't contain an email, continue along usual path.

    Any insight with instructions/images would be great!

    I found it in PureCloud, but not PureConnect:
    " Yes, it's possible to see if the email contains attachments based on the Email.Message.attachments variable. You can create a Decision action where the expression is equal to "Count(Email.Message.attachments) > 0." The Count expression function will return the number of items in the attachments collection."

    Therese Moorhouse
    Pacific Blue Cross

  • 2.  RE: Route email with attachments

    Posted 11-07-2018 12:57

    You could create a small custom handler to do the following in email attendant before your queue operation assuming you are using attendant mailboxes:

    1. "Email Interaction Get Message" -> this will get the cookie to open your message from the interaction.
    2. "Open Message By Cookie" -> this will get the contents of the email
    3. add a "Condition" step with the condition:  GetCount(lafAttachFiles) > 0
     3.a. For the true branch, assign an attribute like "XXX_HasAttachment" = True
     3.b. For the false branch, you don't need to do anything.

    Now in email attendant, after your subroutine, just add an "Email Transfer" step and use the "where a specific attribute is set to a specific value" condition like you would a logical transfer in attendant to go to your two different workgroups based on true/false.

    Of course, test this out in dev first to ensure there aren't any quirks (like embedded images coming through as attachments) but from my experience, this should be a good starting point.

    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah

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