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  • 1.  Webchat Customization: Idle Time Attributes

    Posted 12-10-2020 09:47
    Hello all,

    We are trying to create a customization for our webchats idle attributes. The customization is to change the disconnect settings of the interactions, idle time, messages etc.

    Per the knowledge base page (https://genesyspartner.force.com/customercare/kA01T000000kHkU?name=How-to-customise-web-chat-idle-warning-and-idle-disconnect-messages-per-workgroup) we are updating the following attributes:

    Eic_WSEnableIdleTimeout - to enable or disable the idle timeout feature
    Eic_WSPartyIdleTime - to configure the time before a warning is displayed
    Eic_WSPartyIdleGraceTime - to configure how long after the warning the chat will be disconnected
    Eic_WSIdleWarningMessage - to configure the warning message that will be displayed
    Eic_WSIdleDisconnectMessage - to configure the message that will be displayed when the chat is disconnected

    During testing/debugging the attributes appear as desired, but once the test interaction is in queue and received, the old default settings are followed.
    For example, we updated the idle grace time to ten seconds and the warning message to "testing idle time", we can see these attributes set in the interaction during debugging, but once the interaction is answered we are still experiencing the default settings, 60 second grace time and the default idle warning message.

    Do the global parameters take precendence over the custom attributes? If so, are we able to override?


    Bryan Wilson
    Luxottica Retail North America, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Webchat Customization: Idle Time Attributes

    Posted 12-24-2021 07:16
    Hello Bryan,

    Hope you are doing great,
    Have you any success with that issue?

    I've faced with exectly the same problem. In my case Eic_WSPartyIdleGraceTime, Eic_WSIdleWarningMessage ,Eic_WSIdleDisconnectMessage are updated correctly and work fine. But Eic_WSEnableIdleTimeout and Eic_WSPartyIdleTime are updated correctly according to ip.ininlog, but somewhy CIC uses global parameters from Web Services Parameters.

    Anton Karelin
    Jet Infosystems

  • 3.  RE: Webchat Customization: Idle Time Attributes

    Posted 03-09-2022 04:17

    Do you already have a solution for this?

    Jilles Wielaard
    KPN B.V.

  • 4.  RE: Webchat Customization: Idle Time Attributes

    Posted 03-09-2022 09:16

    Review this you have to do it in web services parameters.

    This is for SMS but SMS web chat are very similar

    Run this command on the server:

    SendCustomNotification.exe Set IWeb Strings

    ryan hedlund

  • 5.  RE: Webchat Customization: Idle Time Attributes

    Posted 04-21-2022 04:17

    thanks for your reply. these settings looks like system wide settings. I thought the issue was to overrule these settings per workgroup.
    We still have the issue that we can't override these system settings.

    Jilles Wielaard
    KPN B.V.