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  • 1.  Schedule adherence

    GCAP Member
    Posted 05-16-2018 18:16

    We are working on building an adherence report, but can't find actual activities in the optimizer tables. We can join the agent to the schedule table, and get to the scheduled activities.  How do we get the actual activity times for each agent's schedule?


    Tim Cannon
    Elevate Credit Services, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Schedule adherence

    Posted 05-17-2018 12:54

    Hi Tim,


    In recent releases, Interaction Optimizer's adherence data can be accessed via an API.  For your custom report's output to closely match with Interaction Reporter's reports, I suggest taking a look at this approach.  To start on this path, inquire about SCR IC-128638, and there are two methods-ADO.NET and Visual Studio / .NET.


    To stay on your current course with SQL and stored procedures, here's an inventory of the major elements to get started (as of 4.0, SU5+):


    ·         Formula:              Formula for Adherence Calculation: (1 - (Total Exception time in seconds / Total work time in seconds)) * 100

    ·         Data tables and views:

    o   AgentActivityLog -- Actual activities can be found in PureConnect's table,.

    o   IO_SchedulingUnit – Top level Scheduling Unit table, contains various configuration

    o   IO_ForecastScheduleEntry – One entry is created each week for a scheduling unit

    o   IO_NamedSchedule – This is the top level weekly schedule for a specific scheduling unit.  One schedule for the week will have a value of "Published = 1" and that is the schedule used to calculate adherence off of.

    o   IO_Schedule – Contains one entry for each day of each agent's schedule.

    o   IO_ScheduleInterval – Contains every specific activity that makes up a user's schedule

    o   IO_Status – Used to map a specific IC Status to an ActivityTypeID in IO_Activity table

    o   IO_Activity – Mapping of ActivityTypeID to Activity Name.

    o   IO_Agent – List of all agents within Optimizer




    Micah Taylor | Applications Consultant | www.altivon.com  



  • 3.  RE: Schedule adherence

    GCAP Member
    Posted 11-17-2021 14:57
    HI Tim,

    were you ever able to build an adherence report in SQL? We are running into a similar situation here, where we would like to build a SQL report so that we could manage adherence exceptions without altering our schedules, and just have the data show in a report.

    Conor Twomey
    Arbella Service Company, Inc. and its Affiliates