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No event is generated after agent picks up interaction from workgroup queue

  • 1.  No event is generated after agent picks up interaction from workgroup queue

    Posted 11-23-2020 17:00

    Hello my friends,

    We are trying to implement "agent's" workbin a little bit unusual way.
    Not to use "agent's" user queue. Because, if backgroud process transfer email interaction to "agent's" user queue, interaction is visible in "My Interaction" view as well.
    But this is not wished state.
    As a workaround, there were created special workgroups. Format for its name is: workbin_<userId>.
    So every agent should have its own workgroup queue where background process moves his interactions if necessary. This works fine.
    Every agent see its own "workbin" based on"Access Control". There is not problem to pick up interaction from "workbin", but a problem occurs
    in case if we want to execute any task during or after agent pick up interaction from "workbin". There is no event generated by IP, which we can reuse to call our necessary logic.

    Note. during picking up of any interaction there is just warning message displayed to agent in IConnect: "You do not own this interaction. Are you sure you want to perform this action?", after confirmation agent can pick up this interaction, and one is in "My Interaction" view presented.

    Can you explain/advise, how could be possible to do something during picking up interaction, which is not owned by agent? Now, as noted above no event is generated during or after "moving" interactions from "workbin" workgroup queue to "My Interaction".

    Example of workbin configuration for agent with userid = "john.doe":
    Workgroup has queue->checked (ACD or Custom)

    User privilieges:
    "Access Control"->User Queues->workbin_joe.doe->View,Modify,Monitor,Statistics all checked
    "Access Control"->Workgroup Queues->workbin_joe.doe->View,Modify,Monitor,Search all checked

    Thank you very much for help

    Best regards


    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s

  • 2.  RE: No event is generated after agent picks up interaction from workgroup queue

    Posted 11-24-2020 14:09
    There is no event generated when an agent picks up an interaction from a workgroup queue by design.  You will need to create custom client button to send a handler notification action for the agents to use instead of the standard pickup button and you can then create a custom handler that is triggered by this action to do what you need. Assign this custom client button to whichever agents need it and they use this new button for their "workbin".

    As far as I know, there is no way to bypass the message, because it more than likely is warning you that you are bypassing the main function of the workgroup queue, which is to assign the interactions to agents (therefore the interaction is not "owned" by you unless it is assigned to you by the queue) and probably due to the side effects, where no event occurs and is not logged.


    Douglas Suyemoto
    Latham & Watkins LLP

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